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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Check out my books for sale!

I officially have all of my sale books listed.  Now some rules! 

I will not be trading
To many things have happened with my name and I don't want any issues.  So for that fact all items will be sold!  

Payments will go through paypal invoice! This is to protect both me the seller and you the buyer 

I will ship within one week of purchase. Right this second I am dealing with my 6 year olds rolling fever and colds.  So please check the link page for the current shipping date.  
I will always keep it updated. 

Where did the items come from
All books posted here are ones that I personally purchased.  They also include books that I have won, things my children have purchased and have decided they no longer want them, I also have things listed from subscription boxes I've gotten, and more. 

No Drama! 

There will be no drama! Pictures of the items will be sent upon request, all items will be shipped with tracking and ins to cover the item as well.  


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