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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week In Review #2: I am SO SICK right now!

Hello guys and thanks for checking out my site.  This week has been killer. As in I am going to die!! Not really but that is how it feels.  This past week I got a cold and it just doesnt want to go away.  Because of that I will not be posting this week which is all scheduled.  BUT I won't be posting again until May 13th.  So dont worry you will have posts all this week!! 

This week I am almost through these for Crossroads. I am currently on The Reluctant Queen then its onto Strange the Dreamer. 

I started watching The White Princess it is so freaking amazing. 
We're finally able to watch My Little Pony. As I am writing this my kids and I are watching the clock just waiting for it to be the right time.  

This week I didn't do to much!  But being half dead I am only sharing two photos.  The first are Chocolate Chip Cookies with Nutella inside of them and topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce.  SO GOOD!!  

The next photo is about a story. I was sitting on the couch and the news came on and somehow a pit bull attack in my mind changed to a pickle attack.  So ya that happened.  

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Life really needs to stop happening to me for a while. All this sickness just needs to leave and not come back for like EVER!!! 



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