This is a site which is a list of items that I have for sale. This is US only because of the cost of shipping. Each post will have the cost of the book plus shipping.


Welcome welcome!  This is the official book club now!  
Each month we will be reading 1 book! Join us and be a Book Addict! 

Want to become a member?  Well just go to the side bar and click the Facebook group link!

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We read one books a month.  

Why not share with the author using the following ways.

1. Twitter (this is easiest on ebooks)
Tweet to the author about reading the book or while reading the book via the group.  
Use the author's twitter id as well as ours @TheBookAddicts_

2. Post on your site.  If you have a site post a review!  
Make sure to tweet it to the author and to us so we can share.


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