This is a site which is a list of items that I have for sale. This is US only because of the cost of shipping. Each post will have the cost of the book plus shipping.

Who am I?

Welcome to The Book Addicts!  This site is nothing but reviews of books that I currently own. 

I have loved books since I was homeless for 6 months back when I was 19.  That was the first time in my life that I really sat down and read a book.  It was called The Mistress of the Eagles and I now try to grab every copy I can find since it is no longer in print.  

This site came about as Certified Book Addicts back in 2016. It was mainly for my online/offline bookclub to use. To talk and share about the books via that group.  

However, the group pretty much died.  At the start of 2017. I decided that I really wanted to try to get the group back up and running.  So I renamed the site to something that I thought would work better.  This name The Book Addicts really sums up what I am as a reader.  I love books and really am an addict when it comes to them.  I haven't gotten to the point where I buy books vs. food...........Ok I have done that a few times. But, hey who hasn't. 

I love books and I hope that you enjoy the reviews and posts that are shared here.  

Posts will consist of Memes, Reviews, and Sometimes More! 

The Book Addicts Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon